Get into good “financial” shape this new year


By Joe Betcher

It is already mid-January, how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? A lot of people make resolutions that help them become healthier, more in shape, and less stressed. Although those are great goals, none of them matter if your finances aren’t in order. The second most popular resolution people make for the New Year is clearing debt and managing their financial budget. Although, by this time of the year most resolutions have already been broken, your finances and your family’s security could be taken care of in a simple appointment with a financial advisor.

Maybe you have a financial goal in mind, or maybe you have no idea where to start in planning for the future. But that is why sitting down with an advisor and talking about the things you want for yourself and your family is so helpful. The thought of planning for tomorrow, and for the “ifs,” can be overwhelming. But, if you take care of it now, that stress you feel when you think of your finances can be eased; and taking that stress away might even help you cross two resolutions off the list this year.

Life insurance, estate and retirement plans are great places to start when thinking about tomorrow. Do you want to protect your loved from the stress of dealing with your finances? How about those travel plans your spouse has been planning for retirement? It would be nice to know that you can take some trips without breaking your budget. These things don’t have to be an unknown. They can be planned for and taken care of today.

Even if you have already sat down with an advisor and planned for the future, make an appointment to go over your finances. Life changes, and you want to make sure your finances change with it. If there has been a death, divorce, marriage, or birth in the family, you need to update your estate plan. Your savings goals and income could have changed as well, and it is always smart to make sure your plans match your current goals.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be a burden hanging over your head all year long, and it should never be a resolution that you just push aside. Plan today. Being prepared for the unexpected can make a difficult time a little easier, and knowing that you don’t have to work forever to have the life you’ve always wanted is something that makes every day a little better.