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Joe Betcher – Take it from the Top


Joe Betcher, President Ohio National Take it from the Top editors took the opportunity to ask Joe Betcher what his ideals and tips are for finding success throughout his career. Joe’s unstoppable efforts have propelled him to be among the Top 1% Financial Advisors Worldwide and have earned him goal-shattering awards including Ohio National’s 2020…

Lending a hand at Cass Community’s Tiny Homes project in Detroit


Photo: (Left to right) Alex Pocket, Krista Vaugn, Amy Checkley, Mike Finn, Dan Granda, Gary Barney Providing financial advice is Betcher Financial Group’s specialty but they also understand the importance of banding together to help the local community thrive. In an effort to give back, Betcher Financial Group donated their day to Cass Community Social…

Get into good “financial” shape this new year


By Joe Betcher It is already mid-January, how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? A lot of people make resolutions that help them become healthier, more in shape, and less stressed. Although those are great goals, none of them matter if your finances aren’t in order. The second most popular resolution people make…

Charitable giving is not just for the recipient


By Joe Betcher The season for charity is upon us, and while most who give do not think about what they can receive in return, the benefits of charitable giving extend beyond inner satisfaction. Giving to worthwhile causes is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season and can also provide financial benefits to the…

Year-end tax planning should include income and estate tax planning


By Joe Betcher The end of the year means income tax planning. The goal when planning should be to keep as much of your income as possible, but many people overlook or are unaware of options that could save them money. Estate tax planning is one avenue that provides a variety of possibilities for individuals…

Striving for financial independence


By Joe Betcher Times are hectic. This isn’t news. The U.S. government is ideologically divided, and the country remains in limbo as the pendulum swings back and forth. For families and businesses, it has become extremely difficult to anticipate the future and plan. The number of unemployed people is over 11 million. The Affordable Care…

Examining financials saves lives


By Joe Betcher September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. It’s a time when insurance agents reflect on their important purpose. Many of them will never forget the life-changing moment when they delivered their first death benefit check. At that moment, every agent clearly understands that their job has a much deeper purpose than just selling…

If tomorrow never comes


By Joe Betcher “If” is a word that society often takes for granted. It implies that circumstances could change in the future, but for many, attention isn’t given to “if” unless it becomes a reality that’s staring them in the face. In regards to personal finances, “if” should be a main focus. If something happened…

Are you leaving a financial legacy?


By Joe Betcher In society, making a difference is important. At the end of life, people hope to have left this world a better place than when they were born. How a person makes that mark depends upon each individual’s personal priorities, but everyone wants to contribute something to society. Leaving a legacy, no matter…